An outstanding musician, LeeHom always have something up his sleeve. His album, “Heroes of Earth” incorporates Chinese opera and hiphop to form his Chinked-out style.

LeeHom’s Profile

Chinese Name: 王力宏
English Name: Leehom Wang
Birth Place: Rochester, New York
Birthday: 1976 / 05 / 17
Zodiac / Blood Type: Taurus / O
Height / Weight: 180cm / 68 kg
Interests/hobbies: baseball, music, drawing, movie, etc.
Specialty: piano, guitar, violin, bass, drum, percussion instrument, etc.
Favorite Artist: Stevie Wonder, Prince, Missy Elliott, R. Kelly, The Neptunes
Favorite Food: Japanese food, grapefruit juice, Beijing roast duck
Favorite Place: Greece
Favorite Color: blue