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Little Big Soldier DVD/VCD OUT NOW

You can now watch our favorite film, “Little Big Soldier” which stars our Wang Lee Hom, whenever you want it! Own the Philippine version on original DVD and VCD! Available at leading video outlets and record bars nationwide.

Released by Viva International Pictures.

Leehom’s Album to be Released One Day Early

Originally scheduled for release on Friday, August 13th, all the songs from Wang Leehom’s newest Mandarin album “The 18 Martial Arts” were leaked onto a Chinese website on August 10th, a full three days earlier. Within minutes, not only were the pirated songs available for download, but links to them had been reposted, twittered, and blogged all over the internet. Although Sony Music Enertainment was able to have the pirated songs and all respective links to them removed the next day, in order to protect the interest of the dedicated fans who pre-bought the album, SME has decided to work overtime in order to move the Asia release date up to Thursday, August 12th.

The travesty of having new songs from an album available for illegal download three days before it has even been released demonstrates the seriousness of the problem that piracytion poses to the music industry today. Not only are artists unable to earn a living based on their creative work, but they now can no longer control the manner in which it is presented to the public. After issuing an injunction to the website to have the songs and all respective links immediately taken down, SME also released a statement declaring that any companies or persons caught involved in making illegal reproductions of the album available to the public would in no way be pardoned.

Despite the less-than-ideal situation, however, Wang Leehom places his faith in the listener. He continues to believe that as long the music is worth listening to, everyone will still be willing to buy the real thing.

Source: Leehom’s Facebook

On a side note, the English subs for the MV is already out. Enjoy!

Leehom’s upcoming album

Leehom’s upcoming album, 十八般武藝, will be out on July 30 August 13. Preorders will start on July 14.

There are several preorder versions.
1. CD + key with the shape of a house
2. CD + key with the shape of a heart
3. Exclusive for 7-11: CD + DVD that contains the new song’s MV and the Love in Disguise trailer.

Source: Sony Music Taiwan

Watch out for the album preorder at Yesasia or your favorite online stores.

Love in Disguise books are also out for preorder at your usual online store.

Little Big Soldier in Theaters Now!

Finally, the long wait is over. Little Big Soldier which stars Jackie Chan and Wang Lee Hom is in theaters now(May 19, 2010) here in the Philippines. Don’t forget to watch it in it’s full screen glory :) .



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