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Leehom live on Facebook

Leehom will be online tonight (July 23) at 11:30pm GMT+8 on his Facebook page!

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to interact with him online.

We will post the transcript after the event is finished.

Here’s his updates:

  1. Hi everyone! I’m here! 臉書們我到了!
  3. My brand new song, and theme song for my new movie, “Love in Disguise”. 我的新歌,也是 《戀愛通告》 的主題曲! YOU CAN HEAR NOW! 現在就給你們聽! DON’T GO!! 別走開!!
  4. 《戀愛通告》8/12 號 上映,台灣13號。。。今年情人節大家一定要去看 我第一次做導演的電影喔! My directorial debut “Love In Disguise” opens 8/12, in Taiwan 8/13… the perfect date movie for this year’s Chinese Valentine’s Day!
  5. No spoilers, but this song’s is a really important part of the movie! ! “All The Things You Never Knew” 我不要洩露太多故事情節,但先告訴你們 這首歌是電影裡頭的重頭戲喔!!「你不知道的事」
  6. I’m reading all your comments…please tell me what you think of the new song! I’m here online… 我在看你們的留言,請告訴我你們覺得新歌怎麼樣? 我還在線上。。。
  7. 不要再罵我啦! 馬上就能聽到完整版啦! Ok, I know it’s really short! The full version’s coming out soon! ~>.<~
  8. I’ll I be seeing you guys this Sunday…who’s coming to the event? 星期天, 西門町見… 誰要來?
  9. I’ll see you all on Sunday at 15:00… gotta go back to face the COMPUTER (desktop, on my laptop now) ! Gotta finish this album… it’s sounding HOT! 好吧, 星期天三點見,現在要回去面對我的電腦了 (桌上型的,這是筆電)! 要把專輯完成了。。。越來越好聽喔! 哈哈。。。bye bye everyone!!! xoxo!!!

4th Anniversary Message from Leehom

Sorry he was a bit late because of the movie shoot. But here we are :)
Leave your comments here or at the forum. :)

Merry Christmas!

Behind the scenes shot


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