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Join Us!

While we’re waiting for the final announcement regarding Leehom’s latest album (It’s supposed to be released in September), come join us in one of the following sites:

See you there! ^^

Online Projects for Leehom’s Birthday

If you’re on Twitter, join us in trending #leehomday starting midnight, May 17. Let’s concentrate on getting the bulk of the tweets between 7 to 10pm. Use the tag for all Leehom related posts within the day. You will need to set your account to public for it to count. Let’s try to reach the top 10 list.

If you’re also on Sina weibo, the fans there are changing their nicknames to birthday greetings and adding their initials (I.e. HAPPYBIRTHDAYLEEHOM_ohph). This will be done exactly at midnight for Leehom to see before he posts tonight.

If you haven’t left a message yet, is still accepting your greetings, wishes and messages for his birthday. Visit the site for more details.

Lastly, if you have Facebook, just leave him a message on his wall (

A Friendly Warning

As Leehom’s 35th birthday is fast approaching, many are now starting to make and send their birthday wishes to him. Before you click that post button on Twitter, STOP! That Twitter account, @LeeHomOfficial, is not real. Leehom never announced that he has Twitter.

If you would like to send him a message, he has a Facebook and Sina Weibo account, the latter of which, he updates daily. You can also course through your messages to your local fanclub, and maybe they have a birthday project in mind. There are also fan sites (like weloveleehom) who are collecting fan messages for him. If you’re desperate enough, you can try to contact Leehom and his staff directly, send an email to, which I’m not sure if they still check.

If you’re still following “LeeHomOfficial” on Twitter, it would be better to unfollow him so he could feel that fans are no longer falling for his trick. Here’s a screenshot of his latest post today. If it was Leehom, he would have already congratulated Blackie and Fanfan for their wedding yesterday.

Fake Leehom Twitter

This is just a friendly reminder that there are a lot of fakers out there. Be careful.

(OurHome Philippines has a Sina Weibo account. Be a fan.)

Love In Disguise Music Box Auction

Want this?

Join the auction now until May 10 (Singapore) or May 14 (China) for a limited number of these custom-made music boxes. These magical boxes play 你不知道的事 (All the things you never knew) and you can also keep your precious stuff in it too.

All proceeds will be donated to charity.

Head on to the following sites for the auction and more details:

OurHome Singapore (English/Chinese)

OurHome China (Chinese)

Happy 5th Anniversary

Jia You HOMies~ cheers to more years together ♥.


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